Monday, April 9, 2012

Account performance at a glance with the AdSense Publisher Toolbar

We launched AdSense for mobile content before the smartphone revolution when everyone had aflip phone. Our goal was to help pioneering publishers monetize their mobile content. Since then, we’ve seen mobile technology advance and an increasing number of consumers are viewing content from “smarter” mobile devices. To make it easier for publishers to use AdSense to monetize mobile web pages, we've migrated all mobile ad unit sizes, including the mobile banner ad unit, into the core product.

To start using this new toolbar, just follow these steps:

Visit the Chrome Web Store and download the AdSense Publisher Toolbar. This will add the toolbar icon to your browser.

You’ll then need to grant the toolbar access to your AdSense account. To do so, click the toolbar icon and then sign in to Google Accounts with your AdSense login and password.

Next, visit a website where you've implemented your ad code, and enable the toolbar by clicking on the toolbar icon again.

And that’s it! The AdSense account overview widget will appear and show you an earnings summary, broken down by recent and all time performance as well as your top channels.

You can also enable ad overlays directly on top of your ad units, which will tell you how a particular ad unit has performed today, yesterday and in the past seven days. Clicking on the ad overlay will bring you to the “My ads” tab in your account, where you can edit this ad unit. If you have ad units using the older version of the code, or ad units created on partner sites like Blogger, we’ll instead show information on the ad unit size or channel. Rest assured that clicking on the ad overlay generated by the toolbar won’t create invalid clicks. 

For more detailed instructions on how to use this toolbar, visit our Help Center. We hope that this new feature provides a useful way to quickly check on your AdSense account performance while browsing the web. Stay tuned for updates as we work on adding new functionality to the toolbar.

Posted by Gregory Block -- AdSense Engineering

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